The Hannan family has had a long held passion for boating that now spans 4 generations back to 1920.

The Hannan family has never been without a boat in that entire time and much of the boating has been enjoyed on Pittwater, Cowan creek and the Hawkesbury River.

The family are members of RMYC at Newport and the KMYC at Cottage Point and in Sydney Harbour of the RMYC Rose Bay, where Frank Norman Hannan was an active participant in the development of that clubs early facilities with the then family owned 65 foot Halvorsen cruiser Silver Cloud. The family also owned the 65 foot cruiser Miss Eve which was originally built for Stan Fox who moored her for many years off Clareville beach adjacent to his home.

The family passion for all things maritime also owns a collection of maritime art. Many of the paintings are boating scenes from Sydney Harbour, Pittwater and the Hawkesbury, with the latest acquisition an oil painting of the old Brooklyn boatshed.

The family has an affinity with the beauty of the area and is well aware of the fragility of the marine precinct that we have grown up to appreciate and respect.

We have witnessed so much change over our years of boating, much of it for the better enjoyment of the boating public but sadly some outcomes have not been as intended.

These are truly remarkable and beautiful waterways, taking them for granted what is around us is our greatest risk.

The Hannan family make long term investment decisions we don’t make them lightly and we have spent nearly a decade finding a suitable sheltered marina, we believe we have found it at Sirsi.

We appreciate the responsibility we have to the local community specifically in and around the marina and will do everything we can to respect the peace and tranquillity of our neighbours as we take progressive steps firstly to tidy up, renovate repair and improve the facilities as sympathetically as possible.

Our first steps will be to start a process to soften the rather harsh exterior of the marina buildings while we seek advice and approvals on the renovation of the marina itself which is long overdue for improvement.

To assist us to work in harmony with you we would be pleased to receive your feedback and your suggestions